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James A [PIREP Director]'s Statistics

Name James A [PIREP Director] Hours 0.00
Pilot ID VJB0004 Flights 0
Hub KFLL Distance Flown 0 miles
Rank New Hire Last Flight There are no flights!
Hire Date: 05/25/2023 Last Flight Date 11/30/-0001

My Bio

James A [PIREP Director] joined vJBU Virtual Group, LLC. 392 days ago, and is based out of the KFLL hub. James A [PIREP Director] was given the Pilot ID of VJB0004. Is currently holding a rank of New Hire. VJB0004 currently has 0 flights totalling 0.00 flight hours. VJB0004 last flight was on November 30, -0001, There are no flights!. VJB0004 has a best landing landing of 0 with an average landing of 0. Also with a worst landing of 0. VJB0004 has earned $ 0.00 since joining vJBU Virtual Group, LLC. on May 25, 2023. has also earned 0 awards flying with vJBU Virtual Group, LLC..

James A [PIREP Director] (Hired 392 days ago!)

James A [PIREP Director]'s Landings Stats

Best Landing: 0
Average Landing: 0
Worst Landing: 0

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

PIREP's List (0)

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